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Podcast: An Answer To Betty

This week, we're listening in on music from John Mellencamp, Brian Wilson, George Gershwin, Kylie Minogue, and Fantasia.

On this week's podcast, we chatted about the curveball R&B persona of the supremely talented Betty Wright, who -- after the first casual listen -- sounds every bit the strong, take-no-nonsense, proto-feminist soul sister . . . until you get to the lyrics. Tracks like 1974's "Secretary" (on which she explains that women are at fault for their husbands' infidelities: "Girls, we make it necessary/For the secretary to put/A little joy in his life") and 1972's "Baby Sitter" (which concludes with the following advice: "So girls if you want your man/And no one else/Buy yourself some sizzle pants/And babysit your baby yourself"), leave little room for mis-interpretation. ... Читать дальше

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